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Recon Sales Team

Central PA Region

Area Sales Director: Linda Malley
Recon Sales Representatives: Jeff Beer, Seamus Delaney, David Goodwin, Chuck Hein, Jeff Hoak, Paul Izenas, Marcus Mavrakis, Tim O'Brien and Ken Thorp
Recon Sales Associates: Michael Accardi and Carly Brunner
Full Line Sales Representatives: Nate DeLattre and Tony Jericho
Clinical Specialist: Dave Kozlowski

East PA Region

Area Sales Director: Troy Keefer
Recon Sales Representatives: Michael Gilroy, Jennifer Potchak, Todd Ripka and Justin Vent
Full Line Sales Representative: : Patrick Ruby
Clinical Specialist: Brittany DiLeo

North Ohio Region

Area Sales Director: Bill Lynch
Recon Sales Representatives: Chris Adler, Mike Barna, Matthew Davis, Nicholas DiNello, Victor DiVincenzo, Mike Giamboi, Jared Gulling, Timothy Hartzell, Matthew McGlone, Michael McGlone and Paul Ondracek
Recon Sales Associates: Grant Gillenwater and Alex Joyce
Full Line Sales Representatives: Dan Campoli and Kevin Hopkins
Clinical Sales Assistants: Gabrielle Davis and Rita Kirby
Clinical Specialists: Charles Hanna, Jacqueline Peters, Bret Winkler and Angela Wolfe

West Ohio Region

Area Sales Director: Kurt Ewing
Recon Sales Representatives: Tim Gallagher, Curt Lukens, Crystal McCullick and Bob Schweitzer
Recon Sales Associate: Zachary Harper
Clinical Specialists: Nancy Cecil and Jenna Shultz

West Virginia Region

Area Sales Director: Dave Higinbotham
Recon Sales Representatives: Michael Smith and Brian Wolf
Full Line Sales Representatives: Paul Clark, Cameron Daniels, Jordan Parker, Dan Wortman and Ryan Wentz
Full Line Sales Associates: Archie Hall and Scott McKillop

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